Technology -Hangarau

Technology is the pathway that connects the world together. Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru will work with you to ensure schools and communities can support learning with the use of technology. We are creating an environment where all learners can connect beyond the school gate to an inter- net service that is so seamless it is irrelevant as to where it is coming from. Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru and the worlds leading technology partners are working to get devices into the hands of families that is fit for purpose and nurtures their curiosity for learning.

  • Strategic Planning in Technology: Working with senior leadership teams to strategise technology and how it should work in schools to support learning.

  • Community Finance Model: Global partners working with NPeW to find an equitable way to to provide devices to schools, families and whānau.

  • Gen-x Wifi (Community of Wireless Networks): Working to find a way in which ALL learners can connect seamlessly to a number of wireless networks promoting 21st century learning (FFL).

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Measurement -Aronui

What you measure and how you measure are vital decisions that leaders must make throughout the change process. Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru will assist leaders in this important decision making process as well as providing advice on how to gather, analyse and use data. Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru has experience with:

Quantitively demonstrating shifts - Evidence:

  • In Schools - Specific Tools: Evaluative thinking and practice. Me and My School. Student Suverys. Data Analytics.

  • Kāhui Ako - Integrated DataCross school analysis. Integrated data analysis.

  • Across Rotorua - Insights: Larger data sets provide new insights.

  • Regionalised Achievement, Community and Technology & Data.

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Learning -Ako 

Hinemoa leads out the Learning function, supporting teachers and students to build their digital capabilities in 21st (future focused) learning environments: By gathering school-wide data that identifies the readiness of learners to engage in digital technology implementation, the team will provide professional learning opportunities that equip our teachers and learners.

  • Digital Technology Implementation: Specialised professional learning support for schools and kura (Māori Medium) in the use of devices for meaningful teaching and learning.

  • Digital Technology Curriculum: Co-construction of learning plans tailored to individual schools in the new Digital Technology Curriculum.

  • NPeW Evaluation Tools: Provides school-wide evidence of digital capability across the school, a baseline to develop implementation plans and an opportunity to embed evaluative thinking into internal evaluation processes.

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Leadership -Hautūtanga 

When the Chair of NPeW approached the Academy for Collaborative Futures (Academy) for a suite of leadership programmes to ignite fresh thought and new ideas in Rotorua’s educational leadership, the brief was succinct but lucid.  


“The learning had to be appreciative, collaborative, provocative, and actionable. It had to celebrate the successes that had already been achieved by people in the sector. At the same time, it had to challenge seasoned principals, deputy principals, heads of departments and emerging leadership in Rotorua’s education sector to look over the ramparts of status quo and prepare for the uncertain but exciting times that are nigh.” The Academy’s three programmes set out to do just that.


The Learning to GrowTM, “VoyagerTM, and “Managing Change and Transition,” inculcate a “futures mindset” by helping both experienced and emerging school leaders build new leadership virtues, practices and enactments that augment their repertoire.

Vikram Murthy


Kath is an experienced business woman who is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru.

A function that is critical to keeping a backbone organisation in full flow.

Another area that Kath leads out is the Community Funding Model 

which assists parents, whānau and families purchase devices for their children. This option provides a manageable and affordable entry point to purchase a device for learning purposes.

For all business related inquiries please contact Kath.

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