Engagement -Whakapāpā 

Mercia-Dawn leads out the Engagement function and brings a substantial wealth of background experience to work within schools, across schools, within the community, business sectors and iwi. The engagement function is largely responsible for engaging with and involving parents, whānau, community and iwi in the possibility of influencing schools and learners, in Rotorua.

Co-constructing contextualised learning environments that espouse Te Arawatanga for our learners, enabling them to learn and grow knowing who they are and where they come from. It helps make learning meaningful. It provides a unique framework, where our tamariki grow as culturally equipped 21st century (future focused) learners.

  1. He Kete Taituarā: A cultural toolkit, facilitated by NPeW that assists schools to create relationships with iwi/hapū to improve Māori student achievement.

  2. Great Te Arawa Stories: An online resource that will provide access to a rich collection of Arawa stories. This resource will bring cultural context to your school’s curriculum (still in development).

  3. Te Ohu Hiringa: NPeW facilitated iwi Community of Practice which provides access to Te Arawa iwi/hapū partners.


We look forward to working with a school’s community & iwi near you.