Dr. Vikram Murthy is the founding Director of the Academy for Collaborative Futures,


A senior leadership expert with over thirty-five years of global experience in the USA,

Australia, New Zealand, UAE and Oman (where his companies were the first

technology IPOs in the Muscat Stock Exchange), he has worked with organisations to

underwrite their growth and profitability, and with people to catalyse their

professional renewal and personal transformation.

He received the Lord Mayor of Rotorua, New Zealand’s Commendation for his

work in 2017. 

Dr. Murthy has a Bachelor (Honours) in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, a Masters, and Doctorate in Management from the Waikato Management School, New Zealand, where he was also the inaugural recipient of their “Outstanding Doctoral Candidate Award.”

His first book, “Please don’t stop the music: An ensemble leadership repertoire for productive sustainability, and strategic innovation in uncertain times,” was released in September 2009 and is the reference text for executive leadership programmes at universities in New Zealand. His Ensemble Leadership Repertoire™ features in book chapters and academic publications many of which are featured on the Academy’s web site. 

His forthcoming book (co-authored with Aasha Murthy) Being! Five Ways of Leading Authentically in an iConnected World, has been called, “a refreshing tour de force that eschews the usual business-book pabulum,” by Professors David and Alice Kolb, “a leadership book for our time,” by Professor David Hopkins, and “a book that balances brevity with nuance, and breadth with depth,” by Dr. Robert Diener. 

Dr. Murthy is also co-authoring Switching! Productive Change in an iConnected World, a book on leading and managing change, which will be published in late 2020. 

Dr. Murthy has held adjunct professorial positions in Massey University and AUT University and a Senior Fellowship of the

University of Waikato, New Zealand. He has also been a visiting professor to BITS University, India. He is on the International Advisory Board of the World Association for Sustainable Development (, and the

Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Development and Management. He is a Trustee of the

NPeW Education Trust ( and speaks regularly at conferences and gatherings across the Asia-Pacific region. 

Dr Vikram Murthy